Disclaimer & Privacy Policy


1. Healthcare is all about trust and care. This symptom checker tool was developed with a passion to protect you from inflicting harm either intentional or unintentional.

2. We have used our simple method to help us differentiate minor ailments and serious illnesses for almost thirty years in the NHS (UK). Over this time we have never failed to identify the cause of illness correctly, nor have we ever inflicted pain and suffering.

3. Personal information about your family, doctor and you can be accessed only by our doctors. We do not share information, nor store medical history or data in the server. The information you share when you register is confidential and will not be shared with any third party.

4. We have taken meticulous care and exhaustively tested this hypothesis for almost six years. We have used this method to advice junior doctors, nurses and patients in the hospital.

5. We sincerely hope our method will help your family and you in the future. In return for sharing our knowledge and experience, we expect "YOU NOT TO HOLD US LIABLE" for harm (physical, psychological or financial) knowingly or unknowingly that you or your family believe to have occurred.

6. You will not use our symptom checker tool to offer advice to friends or relatives or any other person who is not a registered user of Maya.

7. We are different from other websites or apps that provide a list of symptoms and diseases to help educate you or that will link to doctors who offer telephone advice.

8. If you are not sure, or do not believe in what we offer or do not accept this disclaimer, please do not register or use our method or tool.

9. We are NOT OFFERING advice to an individual registered user, or providing you with contact details of doctors whom you can consult.


We have successfully created an APP to help us share information about the common symptoms, investigations and treatments. Users can change, edit or store contact details of doctor, nurse, surgery and local hospital.

Terms And Conditions For Doctors Using Maya Apps.

1. Please DO NOT Enter more than one symptom when you Add symptom in the list

2. Make sure the colour you choose must be Red, Green or Yellow

3. Symptom that require proper clinical examination or tests must always be RED

4. Symptoms that can be managed by a nurse can be designated GREEN.

5. Please note you are vicariously responsible for clinical errors, wrong doings if the nurse you shared responsibility.

6. Please document and update informations, protocols and guidelines regularly.

7. You must audit and make sure this tool is offering the right advice you have typed in and stored in the database.

8. Please back up data and files on regular basis. We will not be responsible for loss of data in your computer or loss of phone.

9. We do not monitor or store information about your contacts with patients and advice you offer.

10. Patients name, contact details, email and doctors name and information are stored in the server and we will not share such information without patients consent.

11. We will regularly check the symptoms, information and advice you store in the database. This is make sure you have not violated the terms and conditions and the choice is safe. If we identify wrong information or advice listed, we will inform you and give reason why you are wrong.

12. We retain the right to terminate contract and will not allow you to use Maya.

First one thousand Registered users (not doctors) will be offered our APPS, FREE for a year. Please register and help us make our vision a reality.

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